Put An Egg In Your Garden And See What Will Grow

We will tell you about a ton of super simple and effective homemade fertilizers that will turn your garden into a lush paradise while costing you next to nothing! A lot of people are under the wrong impression that gardening costs a fortune nowadays because chemical fertilizers are so expensive. Would you include yourself in this group?
Raw Eggs or Egg Shells 0:24
Coffee Grounds 2:00
Banana Skins 2:52
Wood ash 3:28
Aquarium Water 4:26
See weed 5:15
Epsom salt 5:57
Leaves 6:31 Gelatin
Hair 7:30
Matches 7:48
Powdered milk 8:06
Green tea 8:17
SUMMARY The most important thing for healthy plants is good soil. That’s why if you grow your plants in pots with soil, put a raw egg at the bottom of each one. Given some time, the egg will start decomposing, allowing it to serve as an all-natural and harmless fertilizer for your potted plants. Would you rather save your eggs to make delicious omelets? That’s fine, just don’t throw away the shells! Egg shells contain elements like nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and calcium, all of which make for a perfect fertilizer. For example, calcium is a vitally important plant nutrient that plays a major role in the creation and growth of cells. If you want your plants to be healthy and grow fast, their roots need enough calcium, just like your bones do! So after you’re done making breakfast, turn those egg shells into some fertilizer.