10 Gardening Tips & Ideas every gardener should know – Garden Tips & Advice!

10 tips, ideas and hacks every gardener should know. These gardening tricks might surprise you and help you not only to grow the best plants in your garden, but also save you a lot of money. Here is the set of tips:
1. Beneficial bacteria: Fish emulsion and seaweed fertilizer have a lot of beneficial microbes which can be added to your soil
2. Seed viability: A quick trick to check seed viability without sowing seeds
3. EZ Pot Holes – Never use a drill to punch holes in a container, there is a much easier way to do this! 4. Aspirin – Learn why Aspirin is such a powerhouse!
5. Eggshells – What do they have to do with gardening? And how you can use a BlendTec blender to make eggshell meal out of eggshells
6. Epsom Salt – Why epsom salt is so beneficial for growing the best tomatoes, peppers and eggplants
7. EZ Stakes – Build a stake in 5 minutes with minimal materials using this technique
8. Whiter Cauliflowers – How to get the perfect head of cauliflower 9. Isopropyl Alcohol – Discover the magic of rubbing alcohol and its use in the garden 10. Faster composting – Your scraps and leaves composting too slowly? Check out our tips for the fastest composting process